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Department: Safety and Security

Position: ICT Technician / System Administrator

Closing Date: 26 October 2018

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Job Title ICT Technician/System Administrator
Division / Department / Unit Safety and Security
Duty Station Windhoek
Reports to Position General Manager: Safety and Security
Number of Direct Reports 0
Completion / Review Date


B. ORGANISATION STRUCTURAL INFORMATION (Where the position fits into the structure)
GM: Safety and Security
ICT Technician/System Administrator


C. PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE JOB (Why does the position exist – to achieve what?)
To identify and implement ICT solutions to all user requirements and to provide support on a wide variety of software, hardware and network user requests. Efficiently and effectively administers the operation of all computer systems, related applications, hardware and software used in the organisation including security equipment.


Minimum Educational Qualification (NQF Level) –   Bachelor’s Degree In Information Technology or any equivalent qualifications. NQF Level 7.
Minimum Experience Required –   Five (5) years relevant experience
Special Requirements / Licences –   Drivers Licence Code B


E. COMPETENCY PROFILE(Key Competencies Only)
Note on required proficiency level: 1=Basic; 2=Intermediate; 3=Advanced
Knowledge Proficiency Level Skills Proficiency Level Attributes / Attitudes Proficiency Level
Microsoft Office 3 Work stations 3 Reliable 3
Server knowledge 2 Networks 3 Confidentiality 2
ICT policies & procedures 2 Operating systems 3 Details Oriented 3
IT Practices and Techniques 2 Interpersonal Relations 2 Patience 2
Relevant Legislations and Regulations 2 Customer service 2 Pressure Handling 3
Programming 2 Analytical 3 Logical Thinking 2


F. Key Performance Areas Critical Tasks Performance Indicators
1.     Network infrastructure, installation and configuration –      Prepares the server hardware for installation.-      Installs the operating system on server, as well as any other necessary software associated with the server.

–      Configures the server for intended usage.

–      Connects the server to network at specified site.

–      Configures and installs switches and hubs (to segment and interconnect network) using appropriate communication software.

–     Compiles and maintains all associated documentation and inform relevant IT personnel of all changes.


–     % User satisfaction
2.      Backup and recovery procedure –      Installs and configures appropriate and approved backup software.-      Tests backup procedures daily and ensures the correctness by restoring backup data and comparing it with the original data.

–      Recovers data for users as requested.

–      Provides sufficient and reliable backup media.

–      Performs ad hoc backup requests (e.g. backup of database before salary runs).

–      Provides input into the compilation and maintenance of all associated documentation, informs users of changes and implements control measures and updates them.


–     % User satisfaction
3.      Internet & Intranet Connectivity –      configures, monitors and administers Internet, e-mail and Intranet software and servers in co-operation with the immediate superior (Firewall, Proxy server, mail server and intruder detection).-      Initiates and co-ordinates connectivity to the Internet with the company’s Internet service provider (ISP).

–      Takes relevant steps to ensure that all systems and connections are operational at all times for user’s access to the Internet and Intranet.

–      Performs troubleshooting on Internet/e-mail/connectivity and proposes and implements solutions.

–      Provides input into the compilation and maintenance of all associated documentation and informs relevant users of changes.

–      Supports organisation in their strategic and operational decisions and develops reports.

–     Explains ICT Policies and Procedures to colleagues where needed.

–     % User satisfaction
4.      Client support –      Prioritises, diagnoses, and solves technical IT problems channelled through from the Help-desk.-      Communicates with, and advises users on the accurate use of computer equipment.

–      Proposes alternative solutions for recurring problems such as the installation of larger printers/computers where workload warrants this.

–     Liaise with suppliers for the solving of uncommon hardware and software problems and co-ordinates the repair thereof.

–     % User satisfaction survey
–      Ensures that cabling used for the network infrastructure is installed by the relevant outside service provider.

–      Troubleshoots and corrects cabling problems.

–      Assembles/configures computer equipment according to prescribed standards.

–      Installs and configures any application software required by the user according to standards.

–      Connects and tests computer equipment at user site.

–     Costs hardware replacement and software development needs and submits for budgetary purposes.

–     % User satisfaction survey
6.      ICT Support –      Administers servers and networks.

–      Installs programs and maintains computers.

–      Administers user management.

–      Provides users with email, internet, monitoring and configuration.

–      Maintains and configures server and network security.

–      % User needs addressed

–      % User satisfaction

7.      ICT Operational Services –      Ensures operational ICT support on the server, all terminals and internet.

–      Develops and reviews all back up and disaster recovery procedures and plans.

–      Develops and administers a communication system for the organisation, including network infrastructure and Wide Area Network connectivity.

–      Sources and monitors outside service providers who provide operational ICT support through SLA Agreements.

–      Oversees effective solutions on identified hardware and software problems.

–      Determines and enforces user authorisation levels.

–      Oversees proper asset management of all ICT equipment throughout the entire organisation.

–      Assists line management with ICT based reporting.

–     % User satisfaction


Typical Decisions Taken
(Define Complexity)
Supervision Required

(Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

–      Informal & indirect supervision as the incumbent is the expert and schedules his / her own workload.
Pressure of Work / Physical Effort

(Normal, Variable, Consistently High)

–      High. The incumbent is responsible for the effective functioning of all servers and networks, which contain all (critical) data.
Working Conditions

(Office, Field, Machine Shop, etc.)

–      90% Office-bound.

–      10% Visiting site to implement software updates, train staff in the use of all relevant systems and visiting suppliers.



Compiled by Human Resources Management Date
Responsible Manager Hannes George McKay Date
Job-Incumbent Vacant Date
GM: HR & Administration Irwin D Haihambo Date

Detailed Curriculum Vitae, cover letter plus certified supporting documents should be hand-delivered at the Namib Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA) Office, Corner of Sam Nujoma Drive and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Windhoek.