The NAMDIA Foundation functions as the Corporate Social Responsibility vehicle of NAMDIA and was founded with the purpose to contribute towards the alleviation of Namibia’s social and economic ills through the focus areas of Education, Health & Sports.

Our purpose is to alter the very social economic fabric of our nation through empowering initiatives in these focus areas. Our vision is to transform disadvantaged communities by empowering them through self-sustainable opportunities that improve quality of life, alleviate poverty and stimulate economic growth.


• To contribute towards the alleviation of Namibia’s social and economic ills.
• To promote nation building through the pillars of Education, Health & Sports.
• To support vulnerable and disadvantaged communities through long term philanthropic initiatives.
• Contribute so socio-economic emancipation of communities through collaborative efforts with the Government, communities, organizations and individuals.
• To provide monetary and humanitarian aid to communities, organizations and individuals.
• To promote moral education, charity and general well-being of our people.
• Advocate nation-building values and solidarity.
• Revitalizing the Ubuntu African philosophy.


Our approach is to remain steadfast in our convictions and addressing the many challenges facing our less privileged communities. We remain focused on the objectives of the organization and prudently select initiatives that have positive long lasting trickle-down effect within the communities.


Applicants must be:

a) A Namibian.
b) In possession of a Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSCO) or equivalent, permitting registration as a student at a recognized Tertiary Education Institution. The above average academic performance in Grade 12 April and August exams and the final year end results are required to be 30 points and above.
c) The course/qualification of choice should be in the scarce skills, including but not limited to the following fields:

    1. Data Analytics
    2. Artificial Intelligence
    3. Environmental Scientist
    4. Climate Change Scientist
    5. Agricultural Scientist
    6. Industrial Engineer
    7. Mining
    8. Vocational Educational Training

d) An added advantage will be given to the qualification in the diamond industry value chain.
e) Under or equal to the age of twenty-five (25) years of age. The bursary is granted for one field of study and each applicant can only participate once in the Scheme for the full completion of a qualification in a particular field of study.
f) Able to enrol in full-time undergraduate (first qualification) studies, where such studies lead to a particular post-secondary education qualification.
g) Submit the application form along with all the required information and documents to reach NAMDIA as set out in the advertisement for bursaries.
h) Prepared to attend an interview conducted by the Bursary Committee.
i) Prepared, upon the sole discretion and selection by NAMDIA and upon successful completion of studies, depending on the specific course/field of study, to enter into full/part time or contractual employment with NAMDIA if requested to do so. Alternatively, be prepared to work anywhere in Namibia for a period equivalent to the years of study funded by NAMDIA.


In addition to the above eligibility criteria applicants must provide:

a) Grade 12 academic final exam performance results;
b) School leavers who have received admission confirmation from an Institution of Higher learning;
c) Students who performed with average C-symbol or more than 30 points;
d) Maximum age should be 25 years old or less;
e) Submitted a comprehensive testimonial, inclusive of certified copies of national identification documents, Final Grade 12 transcript or certificate;
f) Students from the marginalised communities who meet the criteria will receive preference in selection;
g) Submitted a motivation why he/she wants to be awarded a bursary;
h) Provide proof of provisional acceptance at tertiary education institution for undergraduate studies;
i) Provide provisional costing of the total programme if possible;
j) Provide a timeframe of his/her study.

Application Form